Participanting Schools






Our school is located in Jelgava that is in the middle of Latvia and 45 km from capital city Rīga.

Jelgava Secondary school N 4 is the only school in Jelgava with all grades from form 1 to 12 and it also prepares 5 year old and 6 year old children for school. In this study year (2016-2017) there are 1204 students and 102 teachers.

The school implements curriculum of elementary education professionally oriented elementary education (specialized on musical education) and curriculum on general secondary education. There are two classes which place emphases on sport and one class place emphases on music. Many choirs and some orchestras take place at school. The choir from our school was the champions in the World choir festival. Students participate in various groups of interest education: floor ball, mini basketball, debate club, school newspaper, computer design, programming, friends of the environment etc.
English is taught as the first foreign language from the 1st grade, but the second language – Russian or German- is optional, and its teaching starts from 6th grade.

The school has its students’ Council that organizes many events: Christmas Basketball Cup, School’s Birthday week, Valentine’s Day etc.

Students participate in many projects, the local and international.

Students come from various families and they have different motivation to learn. The project is one of the ways to motivate students. They give them knowledge and skills the students can use in real situations and actions.





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Our Spanish partner, and also coordinator of the project, is IES Emilio Jimeno, from Calatayud. Calatayud is a town located close to the city of Zaragoza, capital of the province in which Calatayud is located.

At IES Emilio Jimeno, it can be studied both Compulsary Secondary Education and also Vocational Training.