Teacher’s Meeting in Calatayud (Spain). 3 – 5 October 2018

Teacher’s Meeting in Calatayud (Spain). 3 – 5 October 2018

The days 3, 4 and 5 October a meeting among the teachers taking part in the project took place in Calatayud. 9 teachers from Greece, Italy, Latvia and Slovakia travelled there to meet the coordinators, teachers from IES Emilio Jimeno in Calatayud, Spain.

The objective, further than meeting each other, was to debate the bases over whom the project would be developped since that moment, and the activities that were going to be performed during the year 2018/19.

On Wednesday, 3rd October they were welcomed by the Headmistress, the different schools presented themselves in a brief way and they also presented their educative system. After that, foreign teachers had the opportunity to assist and participate in some of the Spanish classes, with the objective of taking part in the classes.  Later, a brief resume of the project was presented, agreeing the way we were working throught these two years. In the afternoon, they had the opportunity to visit Calatayud, its more known buildings and some curiosities about this town.

On thursday, 4th October the day included hard work, because all the activities to be performed during the next two years had to be explained and the task distributed among the participating schools. For this reason in the afternoon, we went to relax ourselves to the thermal lake in Alhama de Aragón and to visit the Groute of Wonders in Ibdes.

Finally, on friday 5th October the day was centered in explaining the activities for the third meeting, taking place in the year 2019/20 and a summary about the most important points to work during this year. Before we considered the coordination meeting closed, the european partners could visit IES Emilio Jimeno, knowing some of the students that maybe could take part in the activities presented during the following meetings. After having lunch, we travelled to Zaragoza to visit some of the most famous buildings in the Capital city of Aragon.

During the following weeks, the project Erasmus in our School. There is a lot of work to do, but a lot of satisfaction because of the futurely obtained results!

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