Meeting in Púchov (Slovakia). 8 – 12 April 2019

Meeting in Púchov (Slovakia). 8 – 12 April 2019

From the 8th to the 12th April 2019 the Second Meeting of the project took place in Púchov according to the following program.

On 7th April, the different groups travelled to Púchov, and were accommodated in the corresponding families.

The Main theme of the Meeting was “Wars and Migrations”

Monday 8th April

After arriving to school, different groups were welcomed by the school deputy. The school was presented and visited.

Collage 10

After a break and some ice breaking activities, we were welcomed by the headmaster and the Mayor.

Later, we had lunch at school, and after that, we presented all the other countries’ schools. To start working about the project, we presented the posters about European Institutions.

Collage 9In the afternoon, we had a tour around Púchov.

Collage 8

Tuesday 9th April

On Tuesday, we had an all day trip to Bratislava. We went there by bus, and started visiting Historical Devín, the castle ruins.

Callage 11We had lunch in Bratislava flagship restaurant, and after that, we visited the old town with a guided tour by an oldtimer Prešporáčik train.

Callage 12We had then free time at the Danube riverfront, to relax, to visit Štefánik statue, to shop….

Collage 13Later, at 19:00 we had an apointment at the Slovak National Theatre to see a performance of Antigona, the Greek Drama play we were preparing as we agreed in the previous meeting.

After the play, we went back home.

Wednesday 10th April

Wednesday was a work day. At the beginning of the morning, an expert informed us about the Velvet revolution in Csechoslovakia and presented us some of the Slovakian topics for this meeting.

Collage 14

After a break, the other countries presented some of the work they did for this meeting. It was not possible to present all the agreed activities.

Because in the afternoon, we had a travel to Trenčín by train. There, we had a field workshop: Trenčín seen through Roman influence. It was a photohunt. After the activity, we came back to Púchov.

Collage 15

Collage 16Thursday 11th April

Another all day trip, this time to Strečno, visit that connects us with the legend of Jánošík.

Collage 17Once there, we visited Strečno castle, and we performed an activity of Rafting the river Váh.

Collage 18Before we had lunch, we also visited Sobášny palác in Bytca.


After lunch, we got back to Púchov.

Friday 12th April

In the morning, the rehersals about the Greek Drama Antigone took place. At the same time, teachers were having the teachers’ meeting.

foto2After having lunch at school, the performance of the Greek Drama took place.

It was time to say goodbye again!


Thank you very much to Luba, Jarmila and their team for such fantastic days!