Meeting in Pallini (Greece). 14 – 18 October 2019

Meeting in Pallini (Greece). 14 – 18 October 2019

From the 8th to the 14th October 2019 the Third Meeting of the project took place in Pallini according to the following program.

On 13th October, the different groups travelled to Pallini, and were accommodated in the corresponding families.

The Main topic of the Meeting was “Opening to the World”

On 14th October, we started the day joining all together at the Greek School, going to the close building, where the placed had been booked to the opening acts of the meeting.

During this first part of the morning, we could enjoy some Greek traditions, such as their music, their dances, and we learned more about their history and culture.

After this presentation, we could go out to enjoy a coffee break, where we could taste different products from Greece, and take part in different activities to break the ice.


After the end of these activities, we went back to the building to continue with the presentations, this time, the participant schools:

Pallini3And after that, we continued with the first activity, about Important characters in the opening to the world:

Pallini4 After a brief visit to the School, teachers went to have lunch together while students went back home with their families.

On Tuesday 15th October, we spent all day in center Athens. In the morning, we visited Acropolis Museum, accompanied by a wonderful guide and Acropolis.

Pallini7Pallini8After the visit, students had free time to have lunch and to participate in a “Teasure Hunt” to discover this part of the city, while teachers had lunch all together and later, they also went sighseeing:


On Wednesday 16th, as part of the activity of Democracy, the presentations about the different electoral systems where performed. Each of the countries presented the characteristics of their electoral systems, that were previously presented by a couple of adjectives.

After that, after the presentation of the different systems, all of us voted to selected the one considered as the most interesting.

We also performed the activity about Current Conflicts and the European Parliament, where the different countries exposed some of their problems, and had to answer questions asked to them about their problems:

After that, we participated in a Kahoot! about European Culture and where students were divided in international groups:

Pallini13 And after that, we proceed to present the following activity: Discovery of America:


Once again, teachers and students had a free afternoon, to be able to dedicate to learn a bit more about the culture in Greece and life around Pallini area.

On Thursday 17th October, again, the day consisted on a daylong trip, this time by bus to Nafplio, the first capital city of Greece.

We had the opportunity to walk around the town, visited Palamidi castle and enjoyed an wondeful outdoor day and with fantastics views.

Pallini15Pallini16Pallini17A fantastic day to share with the other partners from other countries.

Finally, ofn Friday 18th October, the last day of the meeting arrived. At the beginning, our last activity,  Contribution to the Art from the different countries were presented:

Pallini18 After that, students were divided in three groups, where some of them practised tradicional greek dances, some of them helped decorating the school in an activity about art ; and the third group took place in a role play about the Discovery of America:


After that, teachers had a teachers meeting and an explanation about the use of Kahoot!:


And in the evening, we had the Goodbye party in Latania Estate:

Finally, on the 19th October, we sayed goodbye to the families that were glad with the seances from the different students and went back home to the different countries. Probably all the students will keep their memories from this trip for a long time!


Thanks to Efi and all his team for this wonderfull meeting you prepared for us!!