Environmental Degradation

Part of the Legacy we are leaving for next generations is exactly our planet, so the Environmental Degradation is another important topic we have to be carefull with.

Again, as we were participating in a virtual meeting, many of the activities were developped in common. Here we can see the results.

In a firts part of the activity, each of the countries presented their natural beauties and landscapes characteristic from their country. Here you can see the the materials created during the meeting:Next step consisted on the students working in national groups and discussing the activities contained inĀ  this link. The activities were related with the degradation and the changes in the environment due to human activity. The final result commented about the activity was placed in common and included in the following padlet:

Hecho con Padlet

Finally, students shared a mentimeter application to assess how many words related with the 5 R the student knew, and this was the result:

After all that, some of the countries shared presentations about environmental situation in their countries:


Greek students presented the following work about the environmental problems affecting more their country:


Latvian students also wanted to present the environmental consequences the human activity is currently having in the planet:


Spanish students also presented the main environmental problems they are currently having:


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