Cultural Diversity in Europe

Another of the activities to be placed in common during the meeting was the Cultural Diversity in Europe. As the meeting had a virtual character, the activities performed were a bit different than other times. At the beginning students could interact freely in small groups, and they shared information about the Cultural diversity in their countries.


Greek students presented the materials prepared by them about refugee and migrat crisis:


Italy, as hosting country prepared an activity for students to participate in small groups.In the first part, students had to create in a collaborative way a board what the signs of identity of the different countries. Here we can see what the different groups created:

The second part of the activity consisted on an experiment about the colour of people’s eyes. And here you can see the results elaborated by students:

Hecho con Padlet


Latvian students presented the following presentation aboutunique values in their culture in the European Diversity:


Students from Slovakia explained their experience by the use of these two videos about the signs of identity of Slovak people and how do foreigners see Slovak people:


Spanish students presented the diversity of origins existing in their school currently:

And also an example of pacific coexistence of cultures in past times: The Spain of the three cultures:


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