European Union. Policies

On the second day of the project, we study the policies of the European Union about different aspects.

Here you can see the different presentations performed by the students from the different countries:


Greece presented the policies about Education in the European Union, including the different changes that had to be made due to the arrival of COVID-19 pandemic. This is the presentation they prepared:


As the hoster of the meeting, he was not in charge of presenting any of the European Policies, but presented a workshop about what Europe mean for the students. Here we can see the results collected:

They also presented the following videos to reflect on the current reality of inmigration in the European Union, exactly about the Balkan Route:

Balkan Route. Part 1

Balkan Route. Part 2


Students from Latvia presented their part of the work, corresponding to Working policies in the European Union:


Students from Slovakia presented the policies of the European Union regarding to Health. Here you can see wht they tought to us:


Spanish students presented the policies of the European Union regarding to Social aspects. This is their presentation:


May 25, 2021

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