Contributions to the art. Presentations

Other activity presented arount the topic of Contributions to the Art. The activity had two parts: One where different countries presented the contributions to the art from the different countries, and a second part while all the students together created a mural to represent all the countries involved in the project.

Here you can see the presentations created by the different countries:


Greek students presented the influence of Greek art into other artists around the World. Here we can see their presentation:


The Italian students also presented the contribution to the art from their country, using the following genially presentation:



Students from Larvia presented the most important characters in the area of art, and their contributions, showing us some of their works in the following video:


Students from Slovakia also presented the most important artists from their country, showing us their principal works:


Spanish students presented this video aboout the art in Spain as a footprint of their history:

October 18, 2019

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