Democracy. Electoral Systems

Another activity to be presented during the meeting taking place in Pallini (Greece), was Democracy. A first part of the activity, consisted on presenting the different Electoral Systems from the different countries.

Here you can see the materials created by the different countries:


Greek students presented briefly the history of Democracy and they also explained us their electoral system using the following presentation:

As the host country, they also presented the following summary of the electoral system from the different countries. Visually, they presented this way:


Italian students also presented their electoral system, that can be seen here:


Students from Latvia used the following video to present their electoral system:

They accompanied the presentation with the following poster:


Students from Slovakia also presented the history in Slovakia from their country, together with the electoral system in their country:


Spanish students presented their electoral system using the following poster:

They included the following video about the D’Hondt law or how to assign the seats in the parliament:

October 16, 2019

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