Opening to the World: Characters

The first activity to be placed in common during the meeting taking place in Pallini, Italy, was the Characters that were important for the Opening to the World.

And here you can see the presented materials:


Greek students presented a couple of men important for the foundation of the modern Greece, here you can see their presentation:


The character the Italian students presented were two characters very important for the opening to the wordl:


Latvian students selected as characters to be presented people that contributed to the peace and the social progress, and here is the presentation they exposed:


Students from Slovakia also presented their characters: Tomáš Baťa and Milan Rastislav Štefánik:


The two characters presented by the Spanish students were Christopher Columbus (even knowing he was not Spanish, but worked at the orders of the Queen of Castille) and Pedro Paez. Here you can see the materials they presented:

October 14, 2019

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