Important characters in the Origins

In the construction of each of the countries and in the construction of Europe, the same, we can recognize certain personalities that were specialy important. Knowing these characters is important to understant the origins. Here we can see the retransmision of the complete activity performed in the meeting in Latvia:

And in case they are not properly seen, here we can see the different presentations:


Greek students presented the characters they considered more important in the origins for their history and their culture. We can see them here:


Also Italian students presented the selected characters they ahave for the origins. Here we can see the work they did:


Latvian students have placed their important characters in the origins in the Timeline they placed in their staircase. Here you can see the presentation of these characters:

And pictures about the character places in their Timeline:

And finally, the presentation about some of them they created:


Students from Slovakia presented one of the important characters in their origins, here you can see their presentation:

Did you understand everything? To check if they did, they prepared the following questions:


Spanish students also presented their characters. You can see them in the following presentation:

February 13, 2019

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